TKS Life

TKS Alumna Sophia Moloo is awarded UNC Chapel Hill's Morehead Cain Scholarship

Being a part of The Knowledge Society (TKS) has had a profound impact on the trajectory of my life. Receiving the Morehead-Cain Scholarship to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the most significant example. 

I learned about the scholarship when Izzy Grandic (TKS Alum) received it in 2021. I was surprised and excited in September when I heard that TKS nominated me along with 11 other students for the scholarship. 

I received unwavering support from everyone at TKS during the application process, including Dan Jacob, Izzy Grandic, and Ian Lockhart. Before applying, Dan and Izzy met with us to offer advice and answer questions about the application process. Ian, my TKS director, wrote me a recommendation letter for both the scholarship and the University of North Carolina. When I made it to the finals, Izzy was my host to help prepare me for the Finals Selection Weekend. At each step, Ian and Dan were there to cheer me on and offer support when I needed it (Like when my online interview malfunctioned). 

Sophia Moloo met up with TKS Alumna Isabella Grandic at UNC Chapel Hill and met her future classmates.

TKS offers an incredible community, unique experiences, and exposure to new ways of thinking that not only helped me receive this scholarship but also helped me grow as a person. The TKS community included supportive directors, like-minded students my age, and mentors from all over the world. By being part of this community, I found people who brought me so much joy and inspired me with their kindness and integrity. The unique experiences I had were working with organizations such as the United Nations and Acadium. I also built some major projects through the technologies I learned at TKS. One of my projects was a smart shoe that harnesses piezoelectricity to power a phone. I also created a proposal for capturing carbon dioxide from the air and ocean via seawater electrolysis, which Devinder, one of my teammates at TKS, is now working on at the Harvard Innovation Labs! Aside from learning about new technologies, TKS taught me essential life skills such as time management, self-confidence, public speaking, research, and networking. The directors at TKS, namely Ian, empowered me to recognize my full potential. They expanded my way of thinking through different philosophies taught in our cohorts, including stoicism or frameworks like Nth order thinking that changed my approach to problem-solving and life. 

I can undoubtedly say that without TKS, the Morehead-Cain Scholarship would have never been a reality for me. The scholarship is an amazing opportunity, but more importantly are the experiences, network, and mindsets that I had from TKS. I am grateful for TKS and all it has given me and continues to give me as an Alum. A special thank you to Ian, Dan, Navid, and Nadeem for supporting me and creating a life-changing program.