TKS Ottawa Launches at Impact Hub

The Knowledge Society (TKS) is bringing its award-winning program for teenagers (13-17 years old) to Ottawa. The program has accelerated students who have gone on to win awards as entrepreneurs, innovators, and researchers while speaking in front of thousands at the world’s largest conferences.

The program has produced students who have won dozens of awards over the past few years including the CES Young Innovators To Watch Award (x4), Weston Youth Innovation Award (x2), and Youth Innovator Blockchain Enterprise Award. Students have been named to lists including Global Top 20 Teen Entrepreneurs. and Canada’s Developers Top 30 under 30. See student stories here.

To join, students must apply and go through an interview before being accepted into TKS. There is no prerequisite knowledge required to apply. The program looks for curiosity, drive, and a desire to make a positive impact. TKS also offers financial aid to provide equal opportunity for all students.

TKS was founded 3 years ago by brothers Navid and Nadeem Nathoo. They launched TKS after Navid had sold his latest startup to billion-dollar Silicon Valley company, and Nadeem advising Fortune 100 companies while at McKinsey & Company. They started TKS because they realized the world needs more smart people to work on hard problems like climate change, cancer, poverty etc. Ultimately, they wanted to create what they wished they had growing up. Their vision is to create a global community of the world’s most curious, driven, and ambitious people that want to make an impact.

The Knowledge Society’s mission is to develop ambitious young people to impact billions using emerging technologies.

During the program, teens learn about 30+ cutting edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Nanotechnology, Genomics and the list goes on. But it’s not just a tech program. These students are holistically trained on the knowledge, skills, mindset, and networks that they need to one day impact billions.

To build a global community of the world’s most curious, driven, and ambitious students, The Knowledge Society has expanded this year into 4 new cities across North America including Ottawa, Boston, New York, and Las Vegas.

The Ottawa program will be run by Hassan Bhatti and Ian Lockhart. Bhatti led the Quantum Machine Learning division at The Creative Destruction Lab, at the Rotman School of Business. He’s also the founder of Cryptonumerics one of Canada’s fastest-growing data privacy companies. Lockhart’s background in Startups and Private Equity included launching his own seed fund that funds teenagers ventures across Canada and Eastern United States.

The program is being hosted at Impact Hub, a global non-profit that provides space to entrepreneurs, freelancers and startups.

“The Knowledge Society is one of the newest partners to join Impact Hub Ottawa’s diverse community of organizations and individuals who are shaping a better future through social innovation and entrepreneurship. We’re so delighted to share our home with TKS and look forward to engaging their participants in the broader Ottawa community, helping to connect their technologies with social impact”.

Katie Miller, Managing Director, Impact Hub Ottawa

About The Knowledge Society (TKS)

The Knowledge Society is an immersive 9-month innovation program that trains 13-17 years old to develop the skills, mindsets, networks and knowledge to the world’s biggest problems. Over the course of a year, students will develop projects using advanced technologies including Artificial Intelligence, Nanotechnology, Quantum Computing, Virtual/Augmented reality and more! Since its inception, TKS Students have won dozens of awards and been invited to speak at global conferences for audiences totalling over a quarter-million attendees. TKS is supported by organizations including Impact Hub Ottawa, Microsoft, Airbnb, Walmart, Zappos. The program is currently expanding across North America.

About Impact Hub

Impact Hub Ottawa strives to inspire, connect and enable people to take action for a just and sustainable world. Powered by a shared coworking and learning environment, their space in the heart of downtown Ottawa is designed to foster creativity, innovation, collaboration and fun! Impact Hub Ottawa is part of a global network of over 16,000 purpose-driven individuals and organizations in more than 100 Impact Hubs around the world.