TKS Students Take Over Collision Conference 2022 in Toronto

Following last November’s exciting Web Summit, students of The Knowledge Society attended and spoke on stage at Collision 2022, also known as “The Olympics of Tech.” 

Each year, the Collision conference gathers global tech leaders, high-potential start-ups and top journalists to formulate new ideas and discourse relating to all things tech. 

On a mission to encourage and develop young minds to solve real-world problems by utilizing the latest technologies, TKS students attended Collision 2022 to broaden horizons, inspire new ideas and provoke real change that will make for a brighter future. 

The Guest List for Collision was Impressive

This year, key speakers at Collision 2022 included Nicolas Cary, Co-founder of Blockchain; Chris Best, Co-founder and CEO of Substack; Tope Awotona, Founder and CEO of Calendly; Michele Romanow, Co-founder and CEO of Clearco; plus many more guests who were keen to emphasize the importance of being switched on to technological advancement as a means to solve emerging problems including climate change and quantum computing.

Collision 2022 proved a valuable experience for TKS students to mix and mingle with prominent individuals within the tech industry and to learn about the success and growth taking place behind start-ups and new ventures.

At the conference, TKS students were excited to meet with Uber’s Senior Vice President of Mobility, Andrew Macdonald and KPMG’s President and Managing Partner, Armughan Ahmad. Speaking with the pair, TKS students were inspired to explore their exponential thinking to solve some of our world’s greatest challenges. Students also participated in meet and greets with the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower, Jeff Jordan, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz, and with  industry from companies like the NBA, Uber and Unity/VMWare. They also competed against Chess legend Gary Kasparov for a second time. 

Students Speak On Stages In Front of Thousands

From building NFTs live on stage to presenting a nonhormonal male birth control, TKS students wowed everyone who attended Collision 2022 with innovative ideas. 

Zayn Patel spoke as a panellist on the Future Societies Stage about the Future of Education. Apoorva Panidapu, hosted a roundtable on integrating Gen Z’s culture to create the future of work and products. Aryan Sharma, Ella Ceroni, & Arnav Shah spoke on the Full Stack Stage as panellists about quantum computing and the future of education. 

Aleeza Jahan and Anya Singh spoke about blockchain and created an NFT live on stage. Simran Saxena & Diba Douhoust presented their work on creating a nonhormonal male birth control. Ahnaaf Khan spoke as a panellist about Web3 and social media on the Money & Crypto stage. Aahaan Maini moderated a roundtable on how the COVID-19 pandemic pushed AI progress forward. Lastly, Peyton Verhoeven hosted the Auto/Tech TalkRobot Stage.

Making headlines following Collision 2022

It’s safe to say TKS students were the stars of the show this year. TKS students had the opportunity to lead fantastic presentations and contribute to panels, speaking on hot topics that they’re passionate about. As a result of the fantastic projects discussed and showcased at Collision 22, numerous TKS students made headlines in local and national news, where they discussed their projects further.

Arnav Shah was interviewed by CTV News, where he spoke about developing tech to overcome real-world problems. Arnav gave an articulate overview of his work, speaking on his endeavours to bridge the gaps in graph data and utilize transformers to create a god-molecule in medicinal research.

Leading on from his Collision presentation, Zayn Patel spoke with Dhalia Kurtz on SiriusXM to discuss his very own education model, Foundations. With the firm belief that young people in developing countries need English to access better opportunities, Zayn spoke about his ongoing work with schools in Nigeria to support children aged 5-11.

Simran Saxena and Diba Dindoust spoke to Canada’s National Observer and SiriusXM about their ongoing ideas to develop a male birth control pill that avoids the hormonal side-effects of female versions and facilities reproductive autonomy for all.

Another TKS duo, Anya Singh and Ella Ceroni, were interviewed by Canada’s National Observer to discuss and reflect on their efforts to utilize blockchain and radio waves to generate electricity in the most remote communities of the developing world. 

Speaking with Canada’s National Observer and SiriusXM, Peyton Verhoeven talked about her co-owned consultancy business on how to understand better and effectively communicate with a Gen Z audience to influence spending. With her sister, Peyton is helping to shape the future of retail by gathering insights for companies across North America and beyond.

Aahaan Maini’s hard work and dedication to limiting the number of deaths in India has not gone unnoticed. Working to develop and utilize forecasts of blood supply and demand, Aahaan spoke with Canada’s National Observer to discuss his endeavours to drastically reduce the number of deaths due to a lack of access.

Last but by no means least, Anya Singh and Aleeza Jahan were featured in The Globe & Mail to talk about the future of blockchain amidst dramatic NFT price drops. Undeterred by the changes, Anya and Aleeza created an NTF live on stage at Collision 2022 to advocate for decentralized technology to change how we interact with both the physical and digital worlds. 

Taking over the world

Uncertain times lie ahead for both tech and business. Learning, sharing and collaborating is the key to success in tackling the biggest challenges faced, and Collision proved the perfect opportunity for TKS students to develop their understanding and shape their ideas to support ongoing advancement and innovation.

First stop: Toronto. Next stop? Who knows! When it comes to TKS students, the sky’s the limit.

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