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Our world needs modern education methods to adapt with the fast-changing world we live in.

You already know that. But you could use some help. Let's be honest. It's been a while since you got legitimately excited about that PD that was put on your calendar...

That's where we come in. We want to be your ally in the classroom, to help compliment what you're already doing with your students.

With resources, PD, assemblies, or whatever your classroom needs right now. At no cost to you.

How TKS Works with Schools

For You and Your Colleagues

PD you will actually enjoy.

We'll work with you to create something custom that will compliment your curriculum, and vision for your classroom.

Activities for those core competencies?
Which real-world skills are most in demand? What emerging careers should you know about?

For Your Students

As part of our TKS program, our Directors run highly engaging, interactive sessions each week with teenagers around the world.

Invite us to your school to do the same.

Something Else...

We don't claim to have all the answers. But we want to help.

Need some help organizing a hackathon for your district? Struggling to source local professionals to inspire your students? Want to attract new parents to consider your school?

Let's talk.

Teacher Tailored Content

Free resources for you and your students.

Want your student to learn from industry experts about what it's like to work at a company impacting billions, and the path they took to get there? You'll love our TKS Talks.  Want to learn about the mindsets students are developing in TKS, and the activities you can use to bring them into your classroom? You'll love Mindset Mondays.

Want exposure to the technology and science that is changing our world? You'll love our Future Class content.

Q&A with Uber's Director of Autonomous Vehicles, Inmar Givoni

Hear from Inmar Givoni, the Director of Engineering at Uber, discuss her personal experiences and describe the importance of machine learning and all the areas it can be applied to, as well as hear about other TKS students' projects.

Q&A with Natalie Panek

Listen to Natalie Panek, aerospace engineer at MDA Robotics, discuss her journey as a woman in STEM and why it is so important to have a group of supportive women by your side.

Q&A with Garry Golden

Listen to Garry Golden, a futurist, explain his career and talk about the value in social impact and futurism.

Q&A with Google X's Lance Co Ting Keh

Hear from Lance, a software engineer from Google X, discuss his journey to working at Google X, share his pro tips on problem-solving, and explain what exactly is a moonshot solution.

Q&A with Cadillac CMO Melissa Grady

Hear from Melissa Grady, the Chief Marketing Officer at Cadillac, talk about her experience as a woman in a leadership position, explain the importance of data-driven marketing, and her tips for success.

Q&A with Mario Vasilescu from Readocracy

In this session. listen to Mario Vasilescu, the founder of Readocracy, explain his personal experience as an entrepreneur, discuss information wellness, and breakdown what exactly Readocracy does.

TKS Boss Ladies with Abigail Hing Wen

Hear from Abigail, a New York Times bestselling author and artificial intelligence leader, discuss her experiences in the field of AI, the intersection of art and technology, and how to support fellow women in male-dominated fields.

Q&A with TKS Alum Ben Nashman

Ben Nashman, former TKS student and founded of Synex, is joined by  shares how TKS helped him in the professional world, the applications of neuroscience, and how to turn your ideas into a reality

Q&A with BenchSci's Casandra Mangroo

Casandra Mangroo, product and science at BenchSci, talks with TKS students about her experience in biomedical science and as a woman in STEM.


Nominate a Student

The TKS program is application based.

We don't ask students for their grades.
We're looking for curiosity and drive.

When you think of your most curious, ambitious, going to change the world type of student, who comes to mind?

We'll send them an email encouraging them to apply. No spam; just an introduction and a link to apply.

Many of our strongest students have come from their teachers referring them.

When Jimmy solves climate change, he'll have you to thank for it.  

I know just the one!
Meet Our School Relationship Manager

Damian Matheson

For close to a decade now I have been supporting educators across North America, helping them to empower their students in making more informed decisions about life after high school.

I don't claim to have all the answers, but I have ideas, and so do you. Let's jump on a call to figure it out if there's a way TKS can help support you in your classroom.