You're invited to
TKSummit Calgary!


📆 Saturday, March 18, 2023
⏰ 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
đź“Ť Downtown Calgary

What to expect at the TKSummit

Emerging Tech

Gain exposure to emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Carbon Capture, and more


Learn and network with guest speakers at Calgary's most innovative companies

Like-minded Friends

Connect with like-minded, ambitious students in Calgary

What companies will be at the TKSummit?

You will get to learn from and network with leaders from Calgary's startup and innovation ecosystem.

Who will be speaking at the TKSummit?

Crystal Phillips
Venture Capitalist @ Thin Air Labs
Bhushan Ivaturi
Chief Innovation Officer @ Enbridge
Patrick Lore
Partner @ Panache Ventures
Clint Cadio
Founder @ Torpedo | TKS Student
Reeana Tazreean
University of Calgary | TKS Alumnus
Sasha Ivanov
AR/VR Research Prototyper @ Meta


9:30 AM
Event Registration Opens
10:00 AM
Welcome to the Future

Welcome remarks from the TKS Co-Founder, Navid Nathoo, followed by an ice breaker activity.

10:30 AM
Moderated Chats with Industry Guests

Listen to three moderated chats featuring Calgary’s industry leaders from Thin Air Labs, Enbridge, and Panache Ventures.

11:00 AM
Ask Me Anything! ft. Industry Guests

The floor is opened to audience questions, where you have the opportunity to ask our featured industry guests anything that's on your mind.

11:30 AM
Brainpods I

Engage in hands-on activities and discussions with leading innovators and entrepreneurs who will share about topics and concepts in exciting emerging industries. These sessions are designed to spark creativity and collaboration.

12:00 PM
Innovate Alley and Lunch

Circulate and learn about cutting-edge innovations that companies and startups are currently working on in Calgary while you eat lunch.

1:00 PM
Brainpods II

Another chance to engage in hands-on activities and discussions about topics and concepts in emerging industries. You will select which two brainpod sessions you attend according to your personal interest.

1:30 PM
The Future of Innovation

TKS students and alumni share their projects in emerging technologies and share candidly about their journeys as young people in the innovation space.

2:00 PM
Event Wrap Up

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What is TKS?

Basically: A 10-month program that runs from September to June (in-person and virtually); 1 session x week.


Not-so-basically, an opportunity for you to:


  • Join an Olympic-level training ground for the next generation of CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Gain exposure to what’s happening on the bleeding edge of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Web3, Quantum Computing, Genetic Engineering, Brain-Computer Interfaces and more
  • Work with billion-dollar companies on their top business priorities. Students are trained to propose legit recommendations to companies like Microsoft, Sidewalk Labs, Lego, Airbnb and more
  • Create a network and develop relationships with mentors who are either founders, researchers, or working at some of the coolest companies in the world
  • Meet your future best friends from around the world (62+ countries represented in this year's Global Virtual Program 🌏)
  • Be armed with a portfolio of professional projects that will separate you from other high school students and give you the credibility you need to seize legit opportunities
  • Give you the confidence and mindsets, like antifragility and done>perfect, to be able to crush anything you do in life