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Role Overview

Program Directors are responsible for delivering the 10-month TKS program to 80-120 students. We are looking for people who have a passion for helping young people grow and achieve their full potential. We like to think of our program directors as “Olympic-level coaches” for the next generation of innovators, CEOs, and pioneers.

Role Overview

Associate Directors are responsible for supporting the Program Director to deliver a successful program. After 1-2 years, Associate Directors grow into the Program Director role. We’re looking for people who are passionate about helping young people achieve their full potential, but may not have as much experience. You will constantly interface with the 80-120 students in your program to provide them with feedback, guidance, and support throughout the 10-month program.


Multiple Cities

Role Overview

This is a key role within the organization and you will be working closely with the executive team. In this role you will oversee all things related to talent, which at TKS is one of our main growth engines.


Anywhere (preferably Toronto).

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Erica Akene
Jessica Song
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Louis Zhu
Ava-Lillie Lee
Anastasija Petrovic
Prerana Manoj
Tom Moffat
Sabarish Gnanamoorthy
Ben Nashman
Tanisha Bassan
Siyana Lalani
Davide Radaelli
Nikitha Ambatipudi
Naila Moloo
Nicolas Gatien
Aliya Ojuade
Sofia Sanchez
Karthik Mittal
Aditya Mittal
Zaydan Moti
Mikey Taylor
Jack McDonald
Nina Khera
Ahmed Moselhi
Alice Liu
Avery Parkinson
Maggie Li
Riya Karumanchi
Nina Khera
Aayan Esmail
Hannah Le
Soleil Vivero
Victoria Dmitruczyk
Caitlyn Coloma
Aaron Lewis
Zara Syed
Jerry Qu
Amelia Settembre
Ayesha Khan
Ali Gangeh
Nick Crees
Yessica Behl
Kevin Liu
Arnav Paruthi
Stephanie Porfiris
Michael Trinh
Eliza Aguhar
Adar Kahiri
Madhav Malhotra
Anupra Chandran
Jay Parthasarthy
Aadil Ali
Mukundh Murthy
Bryan Lee
Faith Inello
Adeola Ojuade
Ayleen Farnood
Samarth Athreya
Roshan Adusumilli
Alishba Imran
Soumiya Sivasathiyanathan
James Wang
Santiago Arredondo
Sam Li
Vishanth Thangavelautham
Cameron Kerr
Devanshi Upadhyay
Elvis Polanco
Aarna Arora
Anna Gordon
Aarya Jagdale
Alexandre Boutoille
Samantha Ouyang
Isabella Jabbour
Joao Nina Matos
Abhinav Menon
Bonisha Maitra
Saeed Tamboli
Laibah Ahmed
Katie Pohlig
Aleeza Jahan
Amory Cheng
Zayn Patel
Lina Nada Maach
Kshirin Anandkumar
Cameron Kroll
Brianna Gopaul
Liam Hinzman
Isabella Grandic
Aryan Khimani
Pari Vansjalia
Jaya Sra
Aneeva Murray
Pavi Dhiman
Allison Hill