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Head of Operation (Remote, Canada)

As our Head of Operations, you will be a pivotal part of our remote-first team. You will serve as the go-to authority for questions such as "What was our student enrollment last month?", "Can you provide insights into our revenue forecast?", "Should we explore cost-saving measures for insurance?", and "Is Asana the optimal tool for our operations?".

In this role, you will hold the trust and responsibility of managing our core business operations. Your mandate includes identifying and implementing process improvements, resourcefully tackling challenges, and proactively strategizing for our upcoming phases of growth.

Senior Manager, Growth (Remote, Canada)

We're looking for a Senior Manager to join our Growth Marketing team! Our ideal candidate has experience setting growth goals and strategies in markets, tracking and achieving various company KPIs and leading a high-performance team.

Social Media Coordinator (Calgary, Hybrid)

Our ideal coordinator has an understanding of social trends and how to engage an audience across multiple social channels. You have a creative mindset and enjoy working as a team and collaborating on campaign and content ideas.

Future Program Director Opportunities (Summer 2024 Talent Pool)

Program Directors are responsible for delivering the 10-month TKS program to 80-120 students. Our directors have a passion for unlocking potential, want to help make a difference in the world, and have unique backgrounds/experiences.

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Ecosystem Partner Manager, Schools & Orgs (Remote, Canada)

TKS trains young people to solve important problems in the world, and we're often asked "how do the students hear about you?" This is where you come in! You will be directly responsible for over 40% of applications to the program by making schools & organizations aware of TKS.

To be considered, you should have a minimum of 5 years of successful experience in community building, sales, business development, or partnership management, preferably within the education or technology sector.

Position Location: Remote, Canada

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Join us to make real impact.

TKS alumni are working on impactful problems and cutting-edge research. Join us to accelerate the world's most ambitious and curious young people who want to make the world a better place.

AI startup Tecton raises $100M from a16z and Sequoia.
"I started TKS in 2016 and it was the place where I learned about artificial intelligence and data. I met my mentor Mike during TKS, who later hired me to work at Tecton as an early product manager building advanced AI tools."
Jay Parthasarthy
TKS 2016
Battery innovation with material science and machine learning.
"I met people at TKS who really get me and enable me to be my most authentic self while pushing for my growth. TKS helped me unlock opportunities, internships, and network connections that were life-changing."
Shagun Maheshwari
TKS 2017
Brain-Computer Interfaces at Neuralink and Stanford.
"TKS pushed me to build, learn, and invent, alongside the most supportive group of friends I've ever met. During the program I built my first Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) project, and projects in artificial intelligence, blockchain, and gene editing. TKS changed my trajectory."
Ananya Chadha
TKS 2016
Utopia Labs raises $23M led by Paradigm Capital.
"Through the mentors and friends I met during TKS, I learned mental models that deeply impacted me and shaped who I am today. TKS helped me be unafraid of tackling ambitious problems and pursue a more unconventional path.”
Alexander Wu
TKS 2017
Blockchain powered hedge fund at Numerai.
"TKS gave me a community of inspiring peers, helped me create projects that got me internships at AI research labs and startups while in high school, and made me feel ready to work full-time at a startup in Silicon Valley without university."
Liam Hinzman
TKS 2018
Full-ride Morehead-Cain scholarship to UNC pursuing biotech.
“TKS sparked my interest in building real-world change. I’ve worked with scientists in the cultured meat industry, built a maternal public health program in Nigeria, and created a women’s health product (Boob Blurb)."
Isabella Grandic
TKS 2018
Early cancer detection using genomics at Stanford.
"TKS propelled me into an environment of like-minded individuals where I built projects in cancer research, formed life-long connections, and built mindsets towards innovative success. The people I met in TKS remain my closest friends."
Kevin Zhu
TKS 2019
SpaceX engineer and founder of Ember Bazaar.
"TKS has helped me realize that I'm meant to build and that I will continue to build and help others in spaces like climate tech and space tech! It helped me build an engineering portfolio and get amazing internships and opportunities."
Valkyrie Holmes
TKS 2019
Co-founder of human longevity startup, Biotein.
"TKS gave me a new frame of reference for what I could accomplish. I trained tangible mental models like breaking down major issues into their root causes. I wouldn't have been able to cofound a biotech startup without this experience."
Anupra Chandran
TKS 2017
Managing Director at Nucleate, global biotech leader.
"I got my first exposure to CRISPR-Cas9 and the scientific method during TKS, and I find myself relying on those lessons to this day as I help develop and deploy the next generation of genetic engineering tools here at MIT."
Michael Trinh
TKS 2018
Founder, Axiome: biosensors for molecular diagnostics.
"Through TKS, I was strongly encouraged to pursue my curiosities in areas that normally require a deep technical background, and was exposed to frameworks that have been immensely valuable as I've been building my company."
Samarth Athreya
TKS 2017
Founding engineer at Thirdweb valued at $160M.
"TKS was the catalyst for me to rapidly progress toward my goals. It showed me that I didn't need to wait to start building valuable technical skills, start companies, and carve my own path. Without it, my life would look very different."
Adam Majmudar
TKS 2019

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