Development Principles

How we train unicorn people.

The approach we use to get exceptional results.


Make it real

Everything you do and learn here is the real world. We work closely with companies and experts to create experiences and learning opportunities that will accelerate your growth outside (and inside) the walls of TKS. You have to chance to make a real impact; nothing is theoretical.

Figure it out

To thrive in a world of exponential change, you'll need the ability to figure things out. This is something we train throughout the program as you work on problems that don’t have solutions. Once you are somebody who can figure anything out, you’ll be unstoppable.

Structurally unstructured

There is no "one-size-fits-all" path in TKS. Like life, you will learn at different speeds and about different topics based on your interests and commitment. This flexibility is what gives you the freedom to explore your passion while still following the structure that we know gets results.

Growth through failure

If you’re always succeeding, you’re not pushing yourself hard enough. At TKS we want you to grow and learn from your failures. Discover your limits, then push them. Failures are how we get better. Every failure or setback you experience is an opportunity for growth and feedback.

So what?

You’re going to learn a lot during TKS. You'll learn how to take that information and explain why it matters. Share with people why they should care and communicate the "so what" from the knowledge, mindsets, and skills you’ve accumulated.

Learn backwards

The most effective approach to rapid growth is to start at the end and work backwards.  At TKS you’ll pick something you want to build, then figure out what skills you need to learn to get there. Apply what you learn towards a clear outcome.

Opt-in + earn

Nothing at TKS is mandatory, but you have to want it (opt-in) and earn it. Show that you take the opportunities seriously and are going to put in the work to get the most value from them.

Understand why

We want you to understand the why behind everything we do at TKS, then apply that mindset to your life. Seek understanding and the intention behind what you're learning and why it's important.

Learn by doing

You learn best by doing. Real-world action is where we get valuable experiences. Throughout TKS you will get hands-on with the topics you’re learning about both in session and through your projects.

Grow in public

Share your learning journey in public. This enables others in your network to come along with you as you grow. You’ll build trust, a deeper network, and establish credibility with the experts who follow your progress. This is a key to unlocking opportunities.

Set high standards

Don’t settle for mediocrity. You want to achieve great things, and we will help drive you to greatness. Whether that’s a project, a presentation, or even how you run a meeting.

Show what great looks like

Excellence requires intention. If you want to achieve high standards, you'll need to know what great looks like first, then get constant feedback so you can reach it.

How to fish > give a fish

There’s no value for you if we just give you the answers. No matter the problem you’re facing, we are going to coach you on how to figure it out for yourself and build confidence in your abilities to solve hard problems.

Merit > fairness

We will recognize when you’re putting in the effort for TKS and match that with our time, support, and opportunities. This is the real world. You need to do the work to earn opportunities and unique experiences.

Positive feedback as motivation

Know when you're doing well and how you can get even better. It feels good to know when you're growing in the right direction. We use positive feedback and recognition as a way to keep the fire going and your motivation high.

Motivation -> Discipline -> Habit

Motivation is the activation energy to get you started on something new, but will fade over time. We want you to be able to sustain the energy as you work on big, challenging problems. We will help you establish the discipline and ultimately the habits you need to be successful in the long run.

Goals <> Guidance

TKS exists to help you achieve exponential growth in meaningful areas, but we can’t define those areas for you. We help you to set goals that are authentic to you, while providing constant guidance on how to reach them.

Raise the bar for difficulty

School usually sets your bar for difficulty, but the truth is that you're capable of much more. We will show you that you can do harder things than you thought. You don't need to wait until after university to pursue what excites you.

Coach - not teach, not facilitate

We’re all on the same team at TKS. We will coach you through the program by sharing advice, stories, and important mindsets to help you level up. In sessions, we help you to dig deeper, ask hard questions, and push you past your limits. We all win together.

Desire is direction

Follow your interests. We help you identify areas you're excited about, then go deep by building projects, meeting industry experts, and developing competency.

Asking questions > giving advice

We believe in the socratic method. Instead of jumping straight into giving advice, we will start by asking you questions and probe deeper so we can both better understand the situation and potential solutions.

Awareness -> Intention -> Action -> Reflection

One of the keys to growth is setting an intention for where you want to go, but that starts with awareness of the possibilities. Until you know what opportunities exist, you can’t possibly pick the best one for you. We will expose you to possibilities and help you set your intentions. From there, you’ll start taking action and reflecting along the way as you start to accelerate your growth.

Compound growth

In TKS, you will develop skills, mindsets, and knowledge that will compound. Over time, these will also combine into new permutations, making each new area more valuable as it combines with your existing skills. Compounding is the secret to exponential growth.

Build your "T"

We built the curriculum at TKS based on the idea of becoming a T-shaped person. You'll have a solid foundation of a wide variety of skills and in-depth expertise in a select few. By becoming a specialist you’re able to combine your deep knowledge with your understanding of other fields to create new and unique ideas.