Future Class

Resources to prepare you for the future

Students learn history, but not the future. We created a class just for that.


Emerging technologies shaping the future.

This guide compiles high quality videos and reports that explain areas including the future of artificial intelligence, carbon capture, designer babies, nuclear fusion, biotechnology, crypto, and more. Sections are separated by length so you can choose the right content based on how much time you have.

Artificial Intelligence

Humans aren't the only intelligence anymore.

The advancements in artificial intelligence and deep learning will blow your mind. Jobs are being replaced, new jobs are being created, and this technology is changing the trajectory of our future. Artificial intelligence is the next wave that will change the world, similar to the internet and mobile phones.

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Connecting humans to computers using BCIs.

Companies like Neuralink and Kernel are investing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop hardware and software that can bridge the gap between the physical world and our minds. This exciting technology can use neurological diseases and enhance human abilities with the support of technology.

Synthetic Biology

Redesigning biology to enhance humanity.

New discoveries in synthetic biology are leading to cures in previously incurable diseases. We're able to improve human longevity and increase health span so people can live longer and healthier lives. Synthetic biology applies to all living things, including plants and animals, which is causing a new wave of innovations.