TKSย Innovate Program Review

Here is the program overview for the 2021-2022 year. The sessions and details may change for our 2022-2023 program, but this is intended to give you an idea of what will be covered.

You will develop the knowledge, skills, and mindset to make an impact in the world over 100 hours of live sessions, workshops, and activities. No two TKS sessions are the same.

Success in TKS

๐Ÿ“… September
- Align on success in TKS
- Skills: LinkedIn, Medium, Google Calendar, Calendly, Newsletters.
- Skills: Building Friendships
- Mindset: Unconventional thinking

๐Ÿ—“ย  September๐Ÿ—“ย  September

๐Ÿ—“ย  September

Before the program starts, you will receive access to Slack and, our online learning platform. The program is scheduled to kick off mid-September 2022.

Program KickoffProgram Kickoff

Program Kickoff

TKS kicks off! At the kickoff, you'll have an introduction to TKS and how the program works, build relationships with students in your cohort, and understand the TKS mindset.

Success in TKSSuccess in TKS

Success in TKS

The second session will help you understand what success looks like TKS.

The Next Big ThingThe Next Big Thing

The Next Big Thing

At TKS, we believe the best way to create the future is to predict it. You'll learn how to make jaw dropping presentation decks, and what it means to set high standards in life and your career.

๐Ÿ—“   October: Artificial Intelligence๐Ÿ—“   October: Artificial Intelligence

๐Ÿ—“ October: Artificial Intelligence

Heading into October we dive into our first technology: Artificial Intelligence. Before the session, you'll be provided with a primer on AI so you can come prepared to discuss the implications of AI in various industries. We'll explore content creation, and show you how to develop a mindset of curiosity.

No Session - thanksgivingNo Session - thanksgiving

No Session - thanksgiving

Blockchain and CryptoBlockchain and Crypto

Blockchain and Crypto

Another tech session is coming atcha! This week, we'll be exploring blockchain and cryptocurrency. You'll explore how blockchain can be used to solve global problems. You'll learn how to apply technology to solve real world problems. And we'll train you to develop a bias towards action (that means get things done!).

Life and SuccessLife and Success

Life and Success

How much time have you spent creating your own definition of success? In this session, we'll explore the optimal paths to pursue to help you reach your goals. You'll learn how to set ambitious goals, and the courage to take an unconventional path.

๐Ÿ—“  November: Human Longevity๐Ÿ—“  November: Human Longevity

๐Ÿ—“ November: Human Longevity

Understanding how to increase our lifespan. Debate the implications of extending human life. Skills: How to have good conversations. Mindset: Appreciation.

Brain-Computer InterfacesBrain-Computer Interfaces

Brain-Computer Interfaces

Explore the philosophical and ethical implications of BCIs. Skills: How to learn quickly. Mindset: Boss Mentality

TKS HackatonTKS Hackaton

TKS Hackaton

Solve a big problem using knowledge from the explore topics. Skills: Ideation + Brainstorming. Mindset: Done > Perfect All-cohort session. Extended time.

Introduction to the Focus ProcessIntroduction to the Focus Process

Introduction to the Focus Process

Introduction to focus framework and goal alignment. Clarity on what focuses are and feel motivated to build. Skill: Writing Mindset: Figure it out.

๐Ÿ—“  December: Global Session๐Ÿ—“  December: Global Session

๐Ÿ—“ December: Global Session

Network with the TKS Global community, launch mentorship, team building. Skill: Building meaningful relationships. Mindset: Authenticity.

Gene Editing Part 1Gene Editing Part 1

Gene Editing Part 1

Predict the implications of genetically modifying life. Understand the companies leading the industry. Skill: How to get mentors. Mindset: Celebrate Others.

Gene Editing Part 2Gene Editing Part 2

Gene Editing Part 2

The ethical implications of genetically modifying life. Thoughtful discussions around ethical scenarios. Skill: How to read technical articles. Mindset: Seek Understanding.

No session over winter breakNo session over winter break

No session over winter break

Quantum ComputingQuantum Computing

Quantum Computing

Explore the possibilities that quantum computing unlocks. Skill: One-Pagers.. Mindset: Stoicism.

Real World ProblemsReal World Problems

Real World Problems

Solving real-world problems. Understand the implications of business decisions. Feedback on recommendations. Skill: MECE + Financial Analysis Mindset: Be Intentional.

Harvard Case StudyHarvard Case Study

Harvard Case Study

Solving real-world problems through a Harvard business school (MBA) case study. Understand how to add value to organizations. Skills: Data analysis + Prioritization. Mindset: Compounding.

๐Ÿ—“  February: Focus Hackathon๐Ÿ—“  February: Focus Hackathon

๐Ÿ—“ February: Focus Hackathon

Solve a big problem using knowledge from your Focus. Brainstorming and ideation. Skills: Articulating Complex Topics. Mindset: Activator All-cohort session. Extended time.

Global Challenge Part 1Global Challenge Part 1

Global Challenge Part 1

Solving real-world problems for a real company. Skill: How to ask good questions + Creating MVPโ€™s & POCโ€™s. Mindset: Perspective.

No Session over Family DayNo Session over Family Day

No Session over Family Day

Global Challenge Part 2Global Challenge Part 2

Global Challenge Part 2

Solving real-world problems. Skill: Applying mental models. Mindset: Do things that make sense.

๐Ÿ—“  March: Global Challenge 3๐Ÿ—“  March: Global Challenge 3

๐Ÿ—“ March: Global Challenge 3

Solving real-world problems. Identify holes in logic. Skill: Giving good feedback. Mindset: Self-Discipline

Global SessionGlobal Session

Global Session

Build relationships with students outside your traditional cohorts. Internalize learnings from the challenge. Skills: Post Mortems. Mindset: Helpfulness.

No session over spring breakNo session over spring break

No session over spring break

Moonshot ThinkingMoonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking

Introduce moonshot thinking. Understand expectations and deliverables. Skills: Presentations. Mindset: Think 10X.

๐Ÿ—“  April: World's Biggest Problems๐Ÿ—“  April: World's Biggest Problems

๐Ÿ—“ April: World's Biggest Problems

Understand major problems in the world. Creation of ideas through the lens of eliminating suffering or creating an exciting future. Skills: WBP Framework Mindset: Problem-Focused

Moonshot Part 1Moonshot Part 1

Moonshot Part 1

Understand the importance of having a compelling story to communicate your vision. Skills: Storytelling + Vision Mindset: Long Term Thinking + Embrace Failure.

No Session over EasterNo Session over Easter

No Session over Easter

Moonshot Part 2Moonshot Part 2

Moonshot Part 2

Identify the technical gaps in your solutions. Skills: Technical Depth. Mindset: Tackle The Monkey + Get Validation Early.

๐Ÿ—“  May: Moonshot Presentation๐Ÿ—“  May: Moonshot Presentation

๐Ÿ—“ May: Moonshot Presentation

Present your Moonshot to a panel of industry experts, investors & executives. Skill: Pitches

World's Biggest Problems: FrameworksWorld's Biggest Problems: Frameworks

World's Biggest Problems: Frameworks

Analyze the root causes of one of the worldโ€™s biggest problems. Use frameworks to understand problems. Skills: Root Cause Analysis. Mindset: Unconventional Thinking.

World's Biggest Problems SolutionsWorld's Biggest Problems Solutions

World's Biggest Problems Solutions

Use frameworks to create a potential solution for one of the worldโ€™s biggest problems. Skills: Creating Thoughtful Solutions. Mindset: Exceed Expectations.

No Session over Victoria DayNo Session over Victoria Day

No Session over Victoria Day

๐Ÿ—“  June: TKShowcase๐Ÿ—“  June: TKShowcase

๐Ÿ—“ June: TKShowcase

Showcase your projects to CEOs, executives, founders, investors, parents, and more. Open event to community.

Final SessionFinal Session

Final Session

Identify insecurities. Discuss best-worst case scenarios. Skills: Creating Unfair Advantages. Mindset: Self-Awareness.

Alumni Welcome PartyAlumni Welcome Party

Alumni Welcome Party

Celebrate the year. Meet alumni from around the world. Harness relationships. Virtual session.

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