You're seeing this because a current TKS Student or Alumni thinks you have high potential and that TKS could help you unlock your potential. We've given our alumni and current students the opportunity to invite their friends to the program and to give leg up in our application process. Your friend who told you about TKS thinks you're a good fit, meaning you are curious, ambitious and ready to put in the work. Students and alumni only get to invite three friends each to this program, and you get some special perks as a friend of a friend (scroll to the end to read more but TLDR: an expedited application, invitations to events, and curated resources to help you grow).

Take a look at the video from Nadeem (Co-Founder of TKS) made to tell you a bit more about what you can expect during TKS.

Who is TKS for? 13-17 year olds who are...

  • Excited about emerging technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Carbon Capture and more
  • Seeking real-world training to solve important problems, like climate change, health care problems, etc.. or create an exciting future
  • Want to join a community of friends from around the world who are driven and ambitious, and could possibly be your future co-founders

What is TKS?

Basically: A 10-month program that runs from September to June (in-person and virtually); 1 session x week.

Not-so-basically, an opportunity for you to:

  • Join an Olympic-level training ground for the next generation of CEOs, entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Gain exposure to what’s happening on the bleeding edge of technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Web3, Quantum Computing, Genetic Engineering, Brain-Computer Interfaces and more
  • Work with billion-dollar companies on their top business priorities. Students are trained to propose legit recommendations to companies like Microsoft, Sidewalk Labs, Leggo, AirBNB and more
  • Create a network and develop relationships with mentors who are either founders, researchers, or working at some of the coolest companies in the world
  • Meet your future best friends from around the world (62+ countries represented in this year's Global Virtual Program 🌏)
  • Be armed with a portfolio of professional projects that will separate you from other high school students and give you the credibility you need to seize legit opportunities
  • Give you the confidence and mindsets, like antifragility and done>perfect, to be able to crush anything you do in life

Cool outcomes of the program. TKS Students and Alumni have...

  • Started companies that have raised money (up to $80M so far!) for real-impact projects such as Nuclear Power Chips, A.I. Batteries, Blockchain infrastructure, medical devices, wireless electricity, etc.
  • Toted the title of the youngest employees at Microsoft, NASA, Google’s SpaceX, Neuralink, etc.
  • Attended universities like Stanford, University of Penn, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Berkeley and more...
  • Shared their ideas in front of thousands of people at global conferences

Financial constraints got you second guessing?

TKS offers different types of need-based financial aid (tuition support) to accommodate a variety of scenarios. TKS works with families on a case-by-case basis once you've applied and been accepted into the program. There's no obligation to join the program if we can't find a solution that works for your family, and more than 60% of our current students receive financial aid to participate.

Last year, TKS spent $1.5M+ in Scholarship and Tuition aid.

Don't let your financial situation stop you from applying. We will work with you if you're accepted into the program.

Now that you're familiar with what we do at TKS, it's time to talk applications... As a friend of a current student or alumni, you will get some perks after you apply (yes, you still have to apply):

  • A guaranteed interview with a TKS Director
  • A curated list of opportunities to meet like-minded young people and build interesting projects
  • Exclusive event invitations (meet the founders, a preview TKS session, etc.)
  • $250 Tuition Scholarship (if you receive another Scholarship via your school, the largest Scholarship will be applied)

How to access these perks:

  1. Complete the online application
  2. When you get to question 8: ‘How did you first hear about the 2023/2024 TKS Applications?’, select option C: ‘Current TKS Student or Alumni’
  3. You will then be prompted to enter the full name of your friend who recommended you to the program. Please enter this information following this format:
    TKSFRIEND - First Name Last Name

Here's a visual to help you:


Email and make sure to mention that you’ve been recommended to the Program by a current TKS Student or Alumni.

We can’t wait to hear what you’ve been working on at your guaranteed interview! See you soon.