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The world's top innovation program
for teens

Why TKS?

This is where tomorrow's CEOs, innovators, & entrepreneurs come from.
The Method

10-month program with weekly 3-hour sessions. Surround yourself with the most innovative minds and train in-person in New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, or Dubai, or connect with our community of 4,000+ students and alumni virtually.

The Coaches

Train in-person or online with personalized coaching from industry experts. TKS directors are former founders, scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs. We’ll work with you to set goals and develop a plan that’s unique to you & your journey.

The Training

Dive into 50+ areas of emerging tech and sciences. Develop university-level skills, projects, and frameworks. Gain real-world experience building products & projects that tackle the world's biggest problems.

The Opportunities

The opportunities are endless. Through TKS you'll unlock access to the world's top organizations, mentors, and industry experts. Earn scholarships and startup funding. Attend top tech conferences and help solve global issues.

The results

TKS Alumni have started venture-backed startups, worked at top research labs at Stanford, MIT, and Berkeley, are amongst the youngest employees at Google, Apple, Microsft, NASA, SpaceX, OpenAI, and Neuralink.
SpaceX engineer and founder of Ember Bazaar.
Valkyrie Holmes
TKS 2019
Utopia Labs raises $23M led by Paradigm Capital.
Alexander Wu
TKS 2017
Blockchain powered hedge fund at Numerai.
Liam Hinzman
TKS 2018
Full-ride Morehead-Cain scholarship to UNC pursuing biotech.
Isabella Grandic
TKS 2018
Early cancer detection using genomics at Stanford.
Kevin Zhu
TKS 2019
Managing Director at Nucleate, global biotech leader.
Michael Trinh
TKS 2018
Founder, Axiome: biosensors for molecular diagnostics.
Samarth Athreya
TKS 2017
Battery innovation with material science and machine learning.
Shagun Maheshwari
TKS 2017
Founding engineer at Thirdweb valued at $160M.
Adam Majmudar
TKS 2019
Co-founder of human longevity startup, Biotein.
Anupra Chandran
TKS 2017
AI startup Tecton raises $100M from a16z and Sequoia.
Jay Parthasarthy
TKS 2016
Brain-Computer Interfaces at Neuralink and Stanford.
Ananya Chadha
TKS 2016

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Organizations we've worked with

Age is just a number

TKS students work with the best and the brightest from companies around the world. See what industry experts are saying.
Tobi Lutke
"It’s ridiculous how smart they are. I had a conversation on particle physics with a 13-year-old."
Kevin Peesker
Engaging with [TKS]’s hard not to walk away and think, “WOW!”
Karina Fernandez
“ jaw literally dropped listening to them articulate real-world problems they had broken down and solved."
Piotr Mierzejewski
“It only took a 30 minute conversation with a group of TKS students for me to feel inspired and find renewed faith in our future."
Sean Khan
“I was absolutely blown away by the recommendations that the students shared, and I’m excited to implement their ideas.”
Lee Jeyes
"Our partnership with TKS allows us to collaborate with people [teens] whose minds are less constrained than an adult."

We've hacked human potential

TKS was developed with top CEOs and global leaders, modeled after curriculums from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, and is designed to replicate the learning environment and culture of Silicon Valley.

Project-based learning

design real projects and products in technology and science fields.


of emerging tech and sciences like AI, quantum computing, mixed reality, biometrics, nanotechnology, & more.


to build traits like confidence, grit, anti-fragility, critical thinking, 10x thinking, gratitude, & self-awareness.

Real-world Skills

like networking, time management, pitching, presenting, collaboration, resourcefulness, and building a personal portfolio.


through lifelong connections with the most innovative teens, mentors, and industry experts around the globe.


How do I apply for TKS?

You can apply for TKS by clicking the 'Apply' button in the top right-hand corner of this page. The application process has three steps:

1. Tell us who you are (5 minutes) - this written section asks for basic information like your first and last name, school, and age.

2. Tell us what motivates you (15 minutes) - no prep required, we simply want to know a bit more about you. You’ll have 2 minutes to record video responses answering 5 questions about your curiosity, interests, and ambitions.

3. Financial Aid (10 minutes) - if you require financial aid, you will have an opportunity to apply after submitting your interview.

What do you look for in the TKS application?

You do not need prior skills or knowledge to join TKS! We look for authenticity, curiosity, drive, desire for growth, and a willingness to put in the work.

What is the time commitment?

The TKS program runs for a total of 10 months with weekly sessions for a total of 3 hours each week on Saturdays or Sundays.

When does the program start?

The TKS programs run from September to June each year.

What do you learn at TKS?

The TKS curriculum was designed with top CEOs and global leaders, and modeled after the curriculums of Harvard, Stanford, and MIT. You will gain access and information to over 50 modules on topics in emerging tech and sciences, and learn the knowledge and skills you need to develop projects in your interest areas.

We provide guidance and coaching along the way so you feel supported and motivated, especially when working on complex subjects. We provide playbooks, mentorship, and resources to help you learn what you need to accomplish your goals.

Do I need prior experience to join?

Nope! No prior skills or knowledge are required to join TKS. We'll teach you everything you need to know to accelerate your growth!